The Massages

Bring peace and calm to your mind and soul as your body submerges into oblivion. Succumb to ultimate relaxation in our tranquil sanctuary, as La Source listens with the hands and heart to bring you that magical healing touch.

La Rejuvenation

Alleviate your tired body with La Rejuvenation. La Source’s signature deep tissue massage is both restorative and age defying. Ideal after a long day of strenuous exercise to soothe tired muscles and joints, sink into relaxation with slow deep strokes that releases tension in the deep layers of muscle and connective tissue. Combined with lymphatic drainage, leave with a refreshed body and a more youthful and elastic skin tone.

60min @ $138 | 90min@$198

Recommended for: Tired muscles

La Aroma Indulgence

Breathe deeply and calm your mind with your choice of Aroma Balance Blend. La Aroma Indulgence combines relaxing massage techniques with the use of Aromatherapy, known to enhance psychological and physical well-being for whole-body healing. Invigorate your body and leave feeling renewed.

60min @ $138 | 90min @$198

Recommended for: Rest & relaxation

La Detoxifier

Our award winning massage engages the stimulation of your lymphatic system to detox your body. Pressure point techniques are applied to aid fluid circulation and toxic waste removal. This treatment also reduces water retention and the appearance of cellulite in problematic areas.

60min @ $138 | 90min @ $198

Recommended for: Body Detoxification

La Alleviator

Stress is the worst culprit in creating upper back tension and stiffness when you unconsciously tense your body. La Alleviator focuses on your head, shoulder and upper back to effectively relieve stress as your migraines, sore neck and shoulders melts away.

60min @ $138 | 90min @ $198

Recommended for: Upper body tension

La Prenatal

Pregnancy comes with a huge range of aches and discomfort. La Prenatal is a special treat just for expecting mothers. This massage incorporates slow strokes to help you ease the swelling of your hands and feet, prevent water retention, and relieve muscle tension and pain.

60min @ $138 | 90min @ $198

Recommended for: Expecting mothers

+ The Massage Upgrades

Choose from our menu of add-ons for a more luxurious spa experience.

Body exfoliating treatment @ $58

Remove Dead Cells | Smoothens Skins | Minimizes Pores

Jacuzzi Bath @ $48

Stress Relief | Muscle Pain Relief | Improves Circulation

Himalayan Salt Bath @ $88

Stress Relief | Replenish Skin Minerals | Detoxify | Improves Circulation

Aroma Bath Bubble @ $88

Stress Relief | Muscle Pain Relief | Improves Circulation

La Source Spa & Hair The award winning La Source Spas is where your journey into holistic living begins.
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