Contour Sculptors

Accentuate your curves, lift and tone with La Sculptor. With the use of patented MP2 technology, La Sculptor combines Pulse Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) together with multi polar Radio Frequency (RF) to erase wrinkle lines and define bodylines.

La Intense Sculptor

The Intense Sculptor is a 4D high intensity treatment, done in combination with our lymphatic drainage massage, to effectively breakdown localized fat deposits. The treatment utilizes Varipulse and Vacuum to reach down into the deep layers of your subcutaneous fat, ultimately shaping and contouring, whilst also lifting and firming your skin tone. Try our 2 La Intense Sculptors: V Face and Figure 8.

Breakdown Fat | Reduce Cellulite | Shape

Figure 8

Reduce unsightly bulges on your upper back, waist, buttocks and abdomen, tighten and shape to achieve your dream silhouette.

30min @ $398/body part

Enjoy 2 complimentary treatments with every 10 sessions purchased @$3980


V Face

Sharpen your face shape with V Face while softening deep wrinkles and fine lines. Firm, tighten and lift for a more youthful visage.

30min @ $368

La Lifting Sculptor

The highly effective 2 pronged treatment is ideal for you if you are looking to reverse the effects of time on your skin. Used in combination with our lymphatic drainage massage, the Lifting Sculptor focuses on effectively toning your skin, giving you a youthful make-over.

Rejuvenate | Firm | Tighten

Dazzling Eyes

Lift and reduce wrinkles and droopy skin around the eyes for a more revitalized look.

20min @ $188

Elegant Neck

Target necklace lines and tighten loose, saggy jaw/chin line to reduce the signs of ageing.

20min @ $188

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