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La Source Hair is a definitive destination for all our guests who wish to achieve luscious, healthy, and stylish designer hair without undergoing any harsh chemical treatments. Ever since its inception over a decade ago back in 2007, La Source Hair has been striving to create stunning hair masterpieces that would make heads turn your way. In addition to staying on top of the latest trends in the market, we also endeavor to provide natural nourishment to your gorgeous hair from within. Our hair stylists and experts are not only highly receptive to your needs and requirements but also committed to delivering world class hair treatment services that have been tailor made to your individual specifications.

Our Hair Experts

Frederic Mooi

Meet Frederic, La Source’s very own Creative Stylist with magical hair-pampering hands and a charismatic charm. Extremely knowledgeable in the area of hair care and chemistry, he is able to understand what your hair needs just by feeling its texture. Be it treatment conditioning, color, straightening or perming, Frederic tailors each hairdressing affair to the desire of each client, making him a favorite go-to for many of La Source’s clients.

“It’s all about beautiful hair, and seeing the smile of satisfaction on people’s faces that makes hairdressing all worthwhile.” – Frederic

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